The Process


We start with a simple call, text message or email then move to a video meeting or face to face, if possible, to discuss your requirements. We’ll review your current space and its surroundings and what you wish to achieve with the piece of furniture; is it the final piece to a space, does it need to compliment the current decor or contrast it? Will it be part of a full redecoration activity? Finally, we’ll discuss your delivery and, if applicable, installation requirements.


From our discussion I will take away a brief of your preferences, from which we shall build a collaborative digital mood board. We will flesh out the finer details that will make your piece of furniture YOURS. Colours, textures, materials, patterns, finishes, shapes, forms… all will come from the mood board… of course you may just say, “I like this, can you make it?”.


From the vision comes the design. Using either computer aided design, hand drawn technical drawings or a combination I will prepare images to flesh out the vision of your piece of furniture, complete with overall dimensions from which we will agree the final design. If required, and practicable, I will prepare a simple ‘prototype’ of your piece to help visualise the item in your space. This could be from cardboard or repurposed materials, but sufficient to help you refine in your mind what you want to achieve.


With the agreed design and dimensions, I will provide a final quote for the work and delivery expectations. Quote validity will be time bound due to market material pricing and Copper Twig capacity. 


With an accepted quote and any requisite deposit paid, work will commence and be completed within the agreed time. Where necessary, in process updates and reviews between us may be required to ensure the final outcome is still as desired e.g. final finish comparisons. Delivery will have been discussed as part of the initial brief and schedule in a time to suit you. Final balance payment for the piece shall be made on acceptance of your furniture, either prior to or on delivery, dependent on agreed terms.

You will be left with a something to love and cherish for years to come that will take pride of place at the heart of your home.