Hi, I’m Stephen, founder of Copper Twig Designs. I am a proud husband and father, an engineer and a furniture maker. I spent nearly 20 years repairing gas turbines, steam turbines and generators for coal, gas & nuclear power stations all over the world. Wood work was always my passion, something that I did for myself and my family. By creating Copper Twig I have an opportunity to share this passion with others.

I use sustainably sourced wood and repurposed materials to create unique and bespoke furniture pieces and home decor items that serve a purpose and entice the eye. Wood is the most tactile of building materials and a connection with nature. Keeping the natural aesthetic of wood is at the centre of everything we make, but this can be enhanced or juxtaposed with metallic materials or resins to create striking results.

Making furniture or decorative items by hand requires care and attention so my hands on practical experience repairing and assembling multi-million pound equipment are not wasted in the workshop!! However the piece I create will include my passion and love for the work as well as my desire to create something new, original, one of a kind. I work closely with my customers to help define their needs and give them what they want, in a collaborative way that may even inspire something unexpected.

If you are looking for a unique, hand made piece of furniture, lets have a conversation, please get in touch via the contacts page.